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Advantages of Factoring

For Superior Cash Flow

AIM was founded by successful, experienced finance executives who understand the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face in starting, operating, and expanding a business. We are committed to providing you with simple solutions for smart growth.

With AIM, you can receive advances against your invoices to use to make payroll, pay suppliers, purchase inventory, and expand your business. Factoring can also allow you to offer the credit limits that many larger customers demand, without having to worry about interruptions to your cash flow. Additionally, factoring can allow you to take advantage of trade discounts, as well as meet trade obligations and other expenses.

In addition to invoice factoring, we can minimize the time you spend on administrative tasks, so you can run your business. Your AIM Account Team does all your day-to-day, time consuming AR work for you – from confirming payments to collecting overdue invoices. The bottom line is that we do a great job of helping improve your bottom line.

Advantage 1

Improve Cash Flow

Get 80-90% of your invoice value in as little as a day to make payroll, purchase inventory, and pay your suppliers.

Advantage 2

Not a Loan

Factoring is not debt - it is simply paying you the money you've already earned - buy much faster!

Advantage 3

Improve Profitability

You'll have the freedom to improve the quality of your customers, raise sales volume, and expand your business.

Advantage 4

Lasting Benefits

No matter your industry, we'll help you every step of the way, providing you with personalized, flexible services that will evolve along with your company.

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