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Referral sources are an essential part of our business, and we aim to provide the same care and professionalism that you expect.

Keep the Client, Solve the Problem

At AIM Business Capital we partner and support banks across the country to provide the working capital when the client may not qualify for a loan, or is no longer an ideal borrower. We do not provide any treasury management services, therefore, many times the referring bank retains that relationship. Keeping the treasury management relationship, allows the referring bank to be the lead replacement to refinance us anytime after three months of being with AIM. We structure no termination fee contracts if the clients exits us for the referring bank. AIM strives to provide a temporary solution until you are able to provide the line of credit.

Referral Fees

Where such an arrangement is appropriate AIM provides industry leading commission rates that will be paid for the life of the deal.

Where Referral Fees not Appropriate

We do understand for many Banks referral fees are not appropriate.

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